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Joined: 29th Dec 2014
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28th Apr 2015

Co-Founder: Nerdy

Nerdy is the 1st LSO President, and one of the first 4 member's of The Lost MC Los Santos Original MC. Born and raised in the deserts of Las Venturas, Nerdy is one of the most ruthless hardcore members you will ever come across. His knowledge of the MC brotherhood is woven deep within his roots, as a second generation rider he is MC royalty. 

Nerdy started his criminal career working for the Leone' family and bouncer at the infamous Salvatore's Gentleman's Club on the strip in Las Ventura. He was a great enforcer and proved himself well over the years on the streets and was regularly used as muscle or protection on the strip. 

Sadly on October 2013, Nerdy was arrested, and convicted to first degree murder. For shooting, and killing a rival gang member who stepped on Lost MC territory. He was sentenced to life at Bolingbroke Penitentiary in Blaine County. Today Nerdy is still serving his sentence but he's currently trying to get his sentence dropped to a couple years, so he can escape that "Hell Hole". We wish our brother good luck, and hope to see him again one day.  
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Last Edit: 28th Apr 2015 by The Lost MC LSO
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