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Joined: 29th Dec 2014
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23rd Apr 2015

Founder: Boombox

Born and raised on the south side of vice city Boombox now resides in the state of San Andreas in the city of east Vinewood. Currently a member of The Lost San Andreas 1% Motorcycle Club. He is the road captain for the Los Santos original chapter. He is a First 4 member along side his brothers Nerdy, Caddi and young Sketch.

From an early age Boombox was exposed to an underground world of drugs, violence and organized crime. His father was a mechanic at Sunshine Auto, owned by the notorious Tommy Vercetti of the Vercetti crime family. Needless to say the gangsters had a big influence on this impressionable kid. By the age of 15 he was boosting cars and was known as Tommy Vercetti’s errand boy. His father being the expert mechanic and Vietnam veteran, He taught this future 1%er everything about motorcycles and the art of war. His first motorcycle was a gift from his godfather, Mr Vercetti.

One late summer night after a full day of boosting vehicles and non stop partying Boombox was speeding down the vice city coast heading to The Pole Position when he was pulled over by two Members of the VCPD. When the two officers walked up, the first one knocked Boombox off the bike with a stiff swing to the head with his knight stick. The other one busted out the head and tail lights. They tipped the hog over on to the hard pavement and slashed the tires. Just about this time Boombox regained consciousness and in a full blown rage pulled his AP hand pistol given to him by Mr Vercetti and blew both pigs away. In a desperate attempt to escape the scene boom jumped in the squad car and raced to the Vercetti compound.

After explaining to Mr Vercetti what had happened both agreed it was best for the 17 yr old outlaw to skip town, so Boom was on the first flight to Los Santos. As he grew into his 20′s Boom had no problem finding good ways to earn. With his lessons as an adolescent from his father and godfather he was well versed in organized crime and motorcycles. It was only natural that him and 3 of his closest associates Nerdy, Caddi, and young Sketch would find themselves the four fathers of one of the biggest outlaw MCs in the world stretching all the way across the world from San Andreas to Europe.

In January 2015, Boombox left the MC due to personal issues. He was last seen handing his cut into the MC, saying goodbye to his fellow brothers and rode off into the sunset on his Bagger. All of the members in the MC wish our brother good luck, and hope to ride again with him one day. He is, and always will be “Lost forever, forever Lost”
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Last Edit: 24th Apr 2015 by The Lost MC LSO
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