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War with A.O.D
Forum » Forums » War with A.O.D
Joined: 29th Dec 2014
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23rd Apr 2015




It is unknown how or when the war broke out, though it is rumored that Angels of Death member Albert Lawson caused it by sleeping with the mother of a member of The Lost. The war was a violent one. The first Lost casualty of the war was Night Hog, who was killed by the Angels of Death in 1982. Things got progressively worse when Billy Grey, the president of the Lost MC Liberty city chapter, was involved in a motorcycle accident that put the nephew of Angels of Death member Joseph Johnson in a coma. In early 2008, Billy Grey was arrested. Johnny Klebitz, Liberty city's chapter Vice President. attempted to defuse the tension between the two clubs by offering Billy's motorcycle to the Angels of Death as a peace offering, which they accepted, and offered the Lost financial compensation for the bike. The two clubs then entered a relatively peaceful truce.


Billy Grey was released from rehab in late 2008. After he was released he attempted to reclaim his bike from the Angels of Death. Nevertheless, the Lost MC Liberty chapter head out to find Billy's bike, eventually locating it at an Angels of Death scrapyard in Northwood. A shootout occured, resulting in the deaths of around twelve Angels of Death members, and Billy reclaimed his bike. Whilst holding a homecoming party at the Lost MC Clubhouse, some Angels of Death members arrive at the clubhouse and ask if the truce is over, which Billy confirms by shooting, and killing their lieutenant in the back. The remaining A.O.D members head back to their clubhouse while being chased by Johnny and Jason Michaels, who succeed in killing the fleeing bikers. A couple days later, the Lost MC Liberty city chapter lead an assault on the Angels of Death Clubhouse in Northwood. Killing a number of A.O.D members outside the clubhouse before entering the clubhouse and killing the remaining members inside, torching the A.O.D clubhouse afterwords.

Present day

To this day, Lost MC, and Angels of Death are still at war.. Happening all over the world, whenever the two clubs run into each other. We wish out fellow Lost MC chapters good luck to their fight against the Deadbeats. R.I.P to our fellow brothers that have been killed throughout this war. Lost, but not forgotten. 


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Last Edit: 24th Apr 2015 by The Lost MC LSO
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30th Nov 2015

Adding to the war effort. This event happened when we were still rocking Blaine County regularly but it is recorded here for posterity's sake.

Here's what happened...

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Forum » Forums » War with A.O.D
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