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Welcome one and welcome all to the Lost MC's Mother Chapter forum. We are a serious Roleplay based Motorcycle Club based in GTA 5. This means we use journals (via imgur we post snapmatic pictures and edit text to tell stories) to tell of the many adventures and crazy times that we as bikers experience in this lovely city of Los Santos. We have weekly events such as Friday Night Fight Night every Friday, and Prospect Night where the prospects can show off their stuff and work towards earning their fullpatch. We are a true brotherhood, and have respect for all members whether they are patched in or not and we give everyone a right to speak at Church if they have ideas or questions about how business here is handled. If you would like to join the Lost MC brotherhood you must first become a prospect. This is a time in which you will learn what it is to serve your brothers so that one day if you are shown to be a loyal member you may be brought into the circle and earn your full patch.  To join the MC please click on the "Join the club tab" the top of the page, and create a application. One of our club officers will message you and set you up with everything as soon as they get the application. We look forward to riding with you on the road brothers.

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